What makes you a missionary?

This week I wanted to share with you a missionary that has inspired me. This young lady isn’t the stereotypical missionary. In fact she is missing a few of her front teeth, and just over 3 feet tall. In case you haven’t guessed it, she is only 6 years old!

Aurora is may seem too young to go out on the mission field but her heart is big enough to prove anyone wrong. For the last two years she has been asking her mommy and daddy to go on mission. Instead of agreeing right away her parents told her to wait, pray, and that maybe when she turned 6 that they could head over to Haiti where Aurora’s dad had been on mission trips to before. Aurora has taken the time to pray and has patiently awaited her 6th birthday. With excitement she woke up on her birthday and asked when they were going to Haiti.

This summer Aurora and her Dad will be traveling to Haiti. While in Haiti she will be working with her dad to run a VBS program for 200 children! For Aurora’s birthday this year she asked her friends to bring socks instead of presents, and this summer she plans on hand delivering these socks to her new friends in Haiti. Just think of the eternal impact a six year old girl is going to have on other six year olds! She cannot wait to share Jesus with them and she is less than $200 away from her fundraising goal!

Working in a mission’s office, I know that this is where fundraising gets tough. So I want to encourage you to dig deep, anything can make a huge difference. Plus, Aurora and her Dad have added perks to giving towards their trip, you can get anything from a crochet necklace to a full on photo shoot!

Visit Aurora’s Fundraising Page.

Visit Aurora’s Website.

Aurora is a great example of how God can use anyone, even at the mere age of 6 she is stepping up to do what she feels God is calling her to do. So I ask, if an Aurora[ble] 6 year old can feel so led to missions despite what so many of us think a missionary should be. What makes a missionary? It is the call, the command, or something else?


How do you support missions?


David, our Mission’s Pastor, also the Cuba team leader with the Stitches of Love Ministry Coordinators.

Today along with our mission’s pastor and Dominican Republic team leader, I meet a few women who are the Ministry Coordinators and oversee the Stitches of Love Outreach Ministry at our church. I was surprised when I found they had a “closet” stocked with hundreds of items made of fabric and yarn. These women have spent hours cutting, stitching, and sewing hats, dresses, bags, and many other creative things. The women graciously volunteered to donate dresses and tote bags to the children in Dominican Republic the moment they saw we were sending out a team next month, and today when they found we were sending a team to Cuba the same day they generously started pulling more items out to take to Cuba.


Sabrina, the Dominican Republic team leader, with the Stitches of Love Ministry Coordinators with all the items she is taking to DR next month!

The brief moments we spent with them this morning touched my heart especially when I saw a world map on the wall with red pins from everywhere they had sent items. We found out that they have made and distributed nearly 10,000 items since they began in 2007 (only 8 years ago!). We are all called to support missions, the women in Stitches of Love have decided to support missions by using their gifts to cloth and provide warmth to children all over the world. This is how they support missions. How do you?

20 Pounds + 20 Weeks = $20?

Ever since I left Liberty last spring I have told myself I needed to lose the 15 pounds of dead weight I gained in college. A year and 5 more pounds later I have decided to do it. While I may not be overweight, I have been super convicted about how I neglect to take care of my body and how I constantly make excuses for not working out. 

We found out late this week that we will be leaving for Central Asia the first or second week of September, which means we will be leaving at the soonest- 20 weeks from today. When I was discussing this trip with our team leader he was telling me the importance of preparing myself for the high altitude. This made going to Central Asia on mission a great incentive to getting in shape.

It all starts this week, I will be changing my eating habits and routine, I even have a trainer who will be helping me loose the weight and keep me on track. My goal will be to lose 20 pounds in 20 weeks to prepare myself for this mission trip. Would you like to sponsor my weight loss goal by donating $20 (dollar per pound) to go towards my mission trip?

I saved the best part for last, when you give towards my trip you will get a really cool “PRAY FOR CENTRAL ASIA” bracelet! That’s right, everyone who gives towards my mission will receive a bracelet to remind you to life up Central Asia in prayer. 

I appreciate everyone’s support through this personal challenge.