20 Pounds + 20 Weeks = $20?

Ever since I left Liberty last spring I have told myself I needed to lose the 15 pounds of dead weight I gained in college. A year and 5 more pounds later I have decided to do it. While I may not be overweight, I have been super convicted about how I neglect to take care of my body and how I constantly make excuses for not working out. 

We found out late this week that we will be leaving for Central Asia the first or second week of September, which means we will be leaving at the soonest- 20 weeks from today. When I was discussing this trip with our team leader he was telling me the importance of preparing myself for the high altitude. This made going to Central Asia on mission a great incentive to getting in shape.

It all starts this week, I will be changing my eating habits and routine, I even have a trainer who will be helping me loose the weight and keep me on track. My goal will be to lose 20 pounds in 20 weeks to prepare myself for this mission trip. Would you like to sponsor my weight loss goal by donating $20 (dollar per pound) to go towards my mission trip?

I saved the best part for last, when you give towards my trip you will get a really cool “PRAY FOR CENTRAL ASIA” bracelet! That’s right, everyone who gives towards my mission will receive a bracelet to remind you to life up Central Asia in prayer. 

I appreciate everyone’s support through this personal challenge. 


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