How do you support missions?


David, our Mission’s Pastor, also the Cuba team leader with the Stitches of Love Ministry Coordinators.

Today along with our mission’s pastor and Dominican Republic team leader, I meet a few women who are the Ministry Coordinators and oversee the Stitches of Love Outreach Ministry at our church. I was surprised when I found they had a “closet” stocked with hundreds of items made of fabric and yarn. These women have spent hours cutting, stitching, and sewing hats, dresses, bags, and many other creative things. The women graciously volunteered to donate dresses and tote bags to the children in Dominican Republic the moment they saw we were sending out a team next month, and today when they found we were sending a team to Cuba the same day they generously started pulling more items out to take to Cuba.


Sabrina, the Dominican Republic team leader, with the Stitches of Love Ministry Coordinators with all the items she is taking to DR next month!

The brief moments we spent with them this morning touched my heart especially when I saw a world map on the wall with red pins from everywhere they had sent items. We found out that they have made and distributed nearly 10,000 items since they began in 2007 (only 8 years ago!). We are all called to support missions, the women in Stitches of Love have decided to support missions by using their gifts to cloth and provide warmth to children all over the world. This is how they support missions. How do you?


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